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The team at the Rainbow Way Aamco is everything that you would want in a mechanic. Professional, courteous and honest. From the moment I walked in the door Sabrina makes you feel welcome and they keep you informed throughout the process. Great location and great people who do great work.


January, 2018

Nice people and excellent customer service

Josh D.

January, 2018

This location was awesome! Sabrina is very informative and customer service oriented. They also are honest. I drove out of my way to this location based off other reviews and received the same top notch experience. I will definitely be back.

Larry C.

December, 2017

They we're Great! Traveling from Asheville, NC to Biloxi MS for a car show in our 1972 Chevelle. Endeded up with a leak in the transmission line and got a towed to AAMCO Transmission and Total car care and they went above and beyond on our Classic Car! Super bunch of people more than happy to help! Stayed past their closing time, and above all the only Transmission place within miles open on Saturday! Want to thank them all again for their kindness and hospitality also while the repair to the car was being done. Thank you all very much!

Kim H.

November, 2017

Wonderful, wonderful experience it was such a pleasure doing business with you guys. Sabrina Donaldson, you ROCK!! My go to shop from here on out. Thanks again for the speedy service.. I also learned something about my car today thanks to you guys ??

Keith B.

October, 2017

My trunk door lost the ability to open and close utilising the springs. It was challenging loading and unloading because I'd have to hold the door with one hand and grab things with the other. Aamco, (Mr. Dane) ordered the correct springs (first try) and installed within minutes. They were honest, efficient and very accommodating to my self employment schedule for the repair. Something which may seem small, had such huge effect! Thank you!!!!

Monique B.

July, 2017

One of the best!

Wally T.

July, 2017

Outstanding service! Everyone at AAMCO was very pleasant to work with. They kept me informed every step of the way. They treat everyone with professionalism, honesty, and integrity. I recommend this AAMCO to everyone who needs maintenance or repair to their vehicles!

Scott A.

June, 2017

The staff and work is EXCELLENT!! I could not be more pleased with the quality of work, professionalism, and integrity of Dane and the Aamco staff. Always a job well done. You will not be disappointed!!

Steven U.

June, 2017

Great, Great shop! Went in expecting to drop $3000 or more on my transmission and ended up with a bill less than $200!!! These guys are great! Can't say enough about how they diagnose your problem and don't pad on extras you don't need.
Bring your car here for any work you need!!!

Larry H.

June, 2016

The service was great! everyone was very nice to work with, for my car is running great too.

Ernest W

2002 Cadillac Escalade May, 2015

This place is pleasant and quite friendly! The mechanics sure know what they're doing and get everything fixed that needs to be! I would definitely recommend my friends to AAMCO!

Kent R

2000 Mercury Villager February, 2015

The mechanics went in and they fixed what needed to be fixed, so I'm thankful for that. All the people here were very kind too! I'd recommend this place to my friends!

James S

2001 GMC C3500 HD February, 2015

I appreciate how patient they are here, and I have never had any problems with them. I always know I'm in good hands with AAMCO the proof in the way my car runs. I've told all my friends to come to AAMCO for any of their car needs.

Chris T

2005 Chevrolet Malibu February, 2015

They're very professional here and always keep me posted about my car, and they're customer service is always great to me and extremely friendly. I've recommended my friends to AAMCO!

Wesley S

2004 Ford E-150 February, 2015

When I brought my car in, I was having some problems with it and then when they took a look they said one of the parts weren't good and they fixed it right away without any problems.Thanks to all the mechanics , they're all nice and are willing to make any corrections that was needed, Wow!- which I appreciate. I'd definitely recommend AAMCO to all of my friends!

Michael R

1994 Volvo 940 February, 2015

The place is absolutely outstanding. Just a problem with the friendliness of one of the mechanics, but other than that I have had no problem whatsoever. They always get the job done, my car runs great because of them. They've changed my oil, checked my engine, everything. My son goes there for any of his car needs, and now my whole family is filled with AAMCO customers. On a scale of 1-10, I'd say that AAMCO always gives us a 10 plus!!

Roger G

1997 GMC C1500 February, 2015

The customer service is great. Every time I go in the serviceman, Joe tells me what work is needed and all the pros and cons of the work, and even the pricing. He gets the job done. I've told all of my friends to go to AAMCO for anything!

Lawrence G

2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup February, 2015

I like how they kept me abreast of everything that they were going to do and they finished the car exactly when they said that they would so I really appreciate that. I've never had any problems here, I always recommend my friends to AAMCO.

Greg G

2000 Honda Civic February, 2015

The friendliness of the shop specifically from Joe is what keeps me coming back to AAMCO! I recommend this place to all of my friends!

Ben F

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee February, 2015

here they know what they are doing and they get the job done quickly without a problem! My is running excellent! I'd recommend this AAMCO to all of my friends!

Karen C

1998 Honda Accord 4 Door February, 2015

I always keep coming back to AAMCO, they have a technician that really knows what he's doing and I know that I'm leaving my truck in great hands. I always tell my friends to go to AAMCO if they have any car troubles!

Kenneth C

2005 Ford F-150 February, 2015

My car came out running perfectly! I'll definitely will be coming back to AAMCO! I'd recommend this place to anyone!

Phillip B

2007 Volkswagon Jetta February, 2015

Everything was good here! Nothing bad to say about them at all! They got the job done in a short amount of time! I would recommend AAMCO to all of my friends!

Roslyn B

2000 Buick Regal February, 2015

The Transmission work that AAMCO did on my 2004 Volvo was fantastic- their communication was more great and they kept me up to date on every aspect of their work- I highly recommend them

Roosevelt H

2004 Volvo v70 October, 2014

One of the many reason I keep coming back to AAMCO is they make me feel very comfortable. The management is personal and they know my car . I highly recommend them.

Kim H

2001 Toyota October, 2014

I just moved back to GA and my 2002 Ford F-150 broke down I called AAMCO. The center sent help tow me back to the center. Fixed the manual master cylinder, the mechanics did a great job! I'm very happy I'm back on the road, My Ford is driving great.

Kyle C

2002 Ford F-150 October, 2014

AAMCO was Fantastic!- I brought my Truck at 1st to another center ( Competitors Name remove)I was having a brake issue. Let just say-they didn't fix the issue .. Well AAMCO took great care with my 2002 TOYOTA Tacoma- they check the whole Truck, made sure all 4 brakes where work perfectly before I left the center and resolved any other issue- The manager was friendly and personable and even waited late for me to pick up my Truck- I highly recommend them.

Joanna C

October, 2014

We are 100% behind AAMCO, - The manager is someone who you can trust, I would rate him 11, there up front and their willing to work with you very professional to get the job done right, for my car it's drives fantastic.- I highly recommend them

Jeffrey B

2007 Nissan Versa September, 2014

I was having some issue with the vehicle, turns out it was a Transmission issue , AAMCO rebuilt the Trans, I followed up a few weeks later to make sure No leaks, No slipping, the vehicle is running perfectly, Just another reason I keep coming back to AAMCO between their customer satisfaction and communication , this center is Great! -Definitly recommend them.

Daniel B

2001 Acura 3.2lt February, 2014

They got the work done without any difficulties here at AAMCO. Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful with the job. I will without a doubt continue to use them!

Sherman S

2000 Chevrolet S10 January, 2014

They finish the work without any issues or delays. They certainly got my trust and I will come back. I recommend them!

Zarth J

1993 Lexus GS 300 January, 2014

AAMCO was great to me! really friendly and honest mechanics. The prices are fair and reasonable. They also did the work fairly quick, I noticed. I would recommend them to everyone!

Sokhna K

2000 Chevrolet Cavalier January, 2014

They did a fantastic job on my Ford. The vehicle now runs better than ever. They were friendly and to the point towards me. I certainly recommend them!

Daniel M

2004 Ford Explorer January, 2014

AAMCO was a great shop! They treated me with respect and honesty and everyone was very helpful. It was a pleasure doing business with them!

Sharon S

2001 Ford F150 January, 2014

What a professional shop AAMCO is! The guys here are all topnotch mechanics, no complaints whatsoever. They do honest work because they always guaranty the work, which I absolutely loved. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Rodney R

2007 Dodge Ram January, 2014

They definitely know what they're doing here. Ever since I got my Ford it has been running like new! I appreciate the hard work they out into fixing it, thanks AAMCO!

Corey P

2001 Ford Explorer January, 2014

They are a fantastic team of mechanics! AAMCO always treats me right, friendly and professional feedback. I will surely continue to use them, I also highly recommend them!

Todd M

2006 Ford Explorer January, 2014

Great guys at AAMCO! I am extremely satisfied with their work and customer service towards me. I will without any hesitation be back for all my car needs.

Kenneth G

2000 BMW 328I January, 2014

AAMCO was amazing! They helped me out a great deal with my Chevrolet. The price was fair and reasonable, I certainly recommend them!

Samantha J

2002 Chevrolet Suburban January, 2014

Outstanding service! I want to commend the AAMCO at 100 Rainbow Way, Fayetteville, GA for its outstanding service, professionalism and integrity. A fellow church member paid more than $1,500 for inadequate transmission work at another repair facility. She was out of funds and thoroughly disgusted when our pastor referred her to the Fayetteville AAMCO. We have discussed how pleased she is with the care and concern she received after presenting her concerns to this AAMCO. Her car and transmission continue to operate well.



Excellence! Excellent customer service and quality work at a fair price!!!



Went to AAMCO here a few days ago. I had a tranny installed in my vehicle and needed a checkout to mail the warranty back to the rebuild company. Very professional crew, they had me in and out in about a half an hour. Thanks guys.



GREAT quality work and fast service. I definitely recommend this shop to anyone.

Nereida S


The people at AAMCO Transmissions are very helpful. They always know what they're talking about and are always willing to help you. They always have a positive attitude and are friendly and also very professional. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone that has any problems with their cars.

Amy M C


FEELS LIKE FAMILY!!!!I currently have a 1998 Buick Park Avenue that this business has kept alive for me. I was having some major transmission problems and I almost gave up on my car. After 3 bad visits with other companies, including the Buick dealership, I did some research and found them. They took a look at my car, diagnosed the issue, and "gave her life again" all in less than a week! The prices and labor are wonderful! The warranties are great as well as the staff.



The people at AAMCO are friendly, fast and very knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anybody in need of a good quality service.

Shawn G


Great guys, and good service. A+++

Mike D.


Exceptional Service! I would really like to say thanks a million to AAMCO Fayetteville Location for their professionalism, integrity, and courteous manner. The staff is very nice, they really impress me because to me the staff manners really dictate to me whether or not I really want to use a place of business or not.


True Customer Service! I want to share my most recent experience at the Fayetteville, Georgia AAMCO location. After owning my car for 10 years, the check transmission light came on. I took my car to the Fayetteville location. Since the computer couldn't read the codes from my car, I had to leave it and I was given a ride home. Nothing unusual so far, just good customer service. But what happened next made me decide to have my car repaired by the Fayetteville AAMCO. I received a phone call from the manager, who explained the problem with my transmission. Then another employee made this easier to understand by pointing out the parts on a diagram in the shop. I asked for a worst case scenario and price which I was given and told it could be lower.